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Interceptor Impact on the Step Planing Hull: A Computational Investigation

Author : Serliana Yulianti 1 Iqbal Hibni Riqwan 2 Jefri Tanjung Wibisono 3 Sunho Park. 4

Date of Publication :15th April 2023

Abstract: Studies have shown that step modifications support the planing hull's ability to accelerate quickly; nevertheless, it also produces excessive drag and creates the hump area extremely trim. Engaging integrated with the interceptor will improve the efficiency of the step hull. Planing hull interceptors are placed at the transom stern to regulate the trim angle and reduce movements caused by seas. This study is focused on the effects of step hulls with interceptors on pressure distribution and how they affect the planing hull's drag, heave, and trim. The environment was modeled according to the two-degree of freedom condition to simulate trim and heave. A combination of an overset mesh and the Finite Volume Method (FVM), the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equation, was used to evaluate this study. The water and air phases are represented by the turbulent K- and VOF (Volume of Fluid) models. The errors driven by grid spacing and time-step have been estimated using grid convergence studies. The numerical approach was tested experimentally by Park et al. to ensure accuracy. It has been determined through calculations of the drag, trim, and heave results that adding an interceptor to a step vessel is extremely valuable for minimizing drag and controlling trim

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