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Design and Development of Suspension for Front Wheel Drive Electric Tadpole Vehicle

Author : Harsh Baddi 1 Sharanbassappa S Patil 2 Dhanush Nandish 3 Dheeraj K S 4 Ganesh Kalshetty. 5

Date of Publication :2nd May 2023

Abstract: A tadpole vehicle is a three-wheeled vehicle with two wheels on the front and one wheel on the rear.The suspension system of a vehicle are basically the components such as the strut and control arms that connect the chassis of the vehicle to the tires that are in contact with the road and thus it plays a crucial role in any vehicle to absorb the road shocks that are caused due to the vehicle's travel under road undulations such as bumps and potholes. The front suspension system for the Tadpole vehicle was selected as MacPherson suspension and the rear suspension system was chosen as Trailing arm suspension with twin struts and the steering system chosen was rack and pinion steering system. The design of the suspension geometry was performed on lotus suspension analysis software and then the kinematic analysis of the suspension system was performed on MSC Adams Car and MSC Adams View. The suspension and steering components were modeled on SolidWorks. A comparative kinematic analysis was performed between MacPherson suspension and Double wishbone suspension. The tadpole vehicle was fabricated, and the suspension system was assembled along with other sub-systems namely chassis,brakes and Powertrain system. The suspension and steering calculations were done along with the determination of Center of Gravity height.

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