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Design and Development of Braking System for Front Wheel Drive Electric Tadpole Vehicle

Author : Sachin S 1 Anirudha Betageri 2 K E Akash 3 Prajwal M K 4 Sharanbassappa S. Patil. 5

Date of Publication :2nd May 2023

Abstract: Tadpole type vehicle is one of the rare vehicles in transport system having two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear. The objective of this project is to design and develop the braking system for tadpole vehicle considering the dynamics of the vehicle. Various parameters required for braking of the vehicle such as static and dynamic loads, braking force required to bring the vehicle to halt, brake torque, and pedal ratio are calculated. The mathematical models using Simulink software are created using the obtained parameters to determine the stopping distance and stopping time of the vehicle. The various parts of braking system were selected from the market whose specifications are closer to our requirements. Modal analysis and thermal analysis of brake disc was carried out to determine the natural frequency and different mode shapes of the brake disc and the temperature distribution on the brake disc respectively. The CAD models were created for the selected parts using Solidworks software. The CAD models are used for reference to assemble the braking system of the tadpole vehicle. The assembly of the braking system for the tadpole vehicle was carried out based on the study of above parameters.

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