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Design and Development of Chassis for Front-Wheel Drive Electric Tadpole Vehicle

Author : Sarvpreeth Vinayaka P S 1 Vinyas G 2 Balaji G 3 H R Chandan Kumar 4 Sharanbassappa S. Patil. 5

Date of Publication :11th May 2023

Abstract: The chassis is the most important structural member in On-Road vehicles. This project deals with the designing of a three-wheeler tadpole vehicle chassis, this includes deciding the dimensions, material, modelling and simulation of the chassis. Only the chassis receives the loads produced by the other parts of the vehicle. The vehicle chassis par deals with finalising the proper material and deciding the type of chassis, it also includes static and dynamic load calculation, and impact analysis. The Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) model of the chassis is also included in this project. This also consists of the analysis and simulation of the same. The final model was produced using SOLID WORKS and ANSYS. Five models were designed and simulated for the experience purpose, and the best model was selected depending on various characteristics. SolidWorks was used to build the chassis based on the suspension's pivot locations. All the factors from the literature analysis were considered when creating the design. For this project, a tubular space frame roll cage chassis is chosen.

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