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Carbon Emission Reductions of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Bridges in Replacement of Steel Rebars

Author : Sang-Youl Lee 1 Tae-Hyun Lee 2

Date of Publication :19th May 2023

Abstract: In this study, the possibility of reducing carbon emission of GFRP rebars that can replace existing steel rebars, which are traditional construction materials, was analyzed. The analysis method was to compare the total carbon emission according to the use of GFRP rebars compared to the existing rebar usage based on the final object by integrating the carbon emission of each material production stage and transport stage. From the research results, it was analyzed that carbon emissions of about 66.8% based on the final target can be reduced even when only carbon emissions in the production and transport stage are calculated. Therefore, the active application of GFRP rebars in the construction industry is expected to provide environmental benefits such as securing durability of structures and reducing carbon emissions. In addition, due to the small unit weight compared to the existing material, steel rebar, it is expected to gain additional benefits such as improved energy usage and worker convenience in transportation and on-site installation work.

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