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Hybrid Project Management Methodology: A New Way of Success to Deliver Projects Efficiently

Author : Anuj Shrivastava 1 Nainesh Lad 2 Abhishek Maske 3

Date of Publication :5th June 2023

Abstract: Project Methodology is a set of processes or instructions that shall be used for managing a project. The choice of methodology helps to define the framework to get the desired output from a project at a successful rate. The choice of methodology purely depends on the scope, industry, and type. The project methodologies play a vital role in the success as they help to deliver higher value in terms of performance which can be in terms of cost, time, quality, or many other factors that define the project's success. The PMBOK describes clearly traditional and agile frameworks. With the trend of the growing world towards Agile, there exist two sides, and the need is to somehow combine both to have advantages of both. The paper proposes an approach of combining both and implementing a Hybrid Project management methodology that is not industry specific (HW, SW, Service, Automobile, etc.) and can be used for all types of projects like NPD, RD projects, SW projects, VALVE projects, Customer projects, etc. This can be used to deliver projects more efficiently by overcoming the shorting of the existing project methodologies used individually.

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