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Effects of Coir Fibre on the Strength of Black Cotton Soil

Author : Vidya Sagar Khanduri 1 Tarh Kaki 2 Lima Emmanuel 3

Date of Publication :5th June 2023

Abstract: Black cotton soil is expansive in nature and possesses the property of shrinking when it is dry and swelling as it absorbs water. It has poor bearing capacity and shear strength, so notable awareness of its stabilization process is needed to make it more suitable for all kinds of construction purposes. We can improve the properties of black cotton soil by stabilising it with various natural fibres such as coir fibre, rice husk, jute, fly ash etc. This paper presents the results of the lab experiments on black cotton soil using coir fibre as a stabilizer to compare the test results. The tests performed are liquid limit, plastic limit, specific gravity, oven drying and proctor test. The standard proctor compaction test performed on the black cotton soil is mixed with different percentages of coir fibre ranging from 1%, 2%, 3%, and 4%.

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