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Power Quality Assessment of Wind and Solar Based Grid Tied Hybrid Power System

Author : Aiman Uroos 1 Kalpana Meena 2

Date of Publication :29th June 2023

Abstract: The synchronization of two sources includes power converters at various ends of the power system for power conversion. There are various types of DC-DC and AC-AC converters available in literature. The analysis of these converters is done in order to find the best suited converter. The power electronics converters are a major source of harmonics, the elimination of these harmonics require the installation of filters in the system. This paper comprises of a hybrid power system comprising of two renewable sources of energy namely wind and solar, and a synchronized output with grid parameters, various types of DC converters are analyzed by assessment of THD content in the output waveforms. The DC-DC converters analyzed in this research work are Boost, Cuk and zeta converter.

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