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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Comparative Analysis of Flow Measurement by Coriolis Meter and Flow Nozzle Device

Author : Amiebenomo Sebastian Oaihimire 1 Benard Ozigi 2

Date of Publication :25th March 2023

Abstract: This study describes the experimental objectives, installation, and the results of the comparison of the Coriolis and flow nozzle flow-meters in fluid flow measurements. Discussed are variations between the two types of flow-meters due to fluid flow characteristics, measurement, configuration and effect. Also included in this paper are estimations of measurement uncertainties for both types of flow-meters. Results indicate that when the diameter of the flow nozzle throat and the tube diameter of the Coriolis flow meter are the same (28, 30 and 32mm), the pressure drop across the Coriolis flow meter was 29.50, 39.00 and 43.51 Psi respectively while that of the flow nozzle was 23.67, 25.33 and 25.70 Psi respectively. The reason for the increase in the pressure drop across the Coriolis flow meter over the flow nozzle device is partly due to the fact that head loss is lesser in the Coriolis flow meter. Also, the Coriolis flow meter is less affected by upstream flow disturbance which makes it a preferable option for fluid flow measurement.

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