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Experimental Study on Development of High Strength Concrete Using Metakaolin

Author : Deepak N 1 Likith.M.J 2 Brijesh Patel .K.L 3 Indu. 4

Date of Publication :11th July 2023

Abstract: High-strength concrete (HSC) is now widely used in the construction industry all over the world. Mix design is a process of choosing the mixture of ingredients necessary to meet expected properties of fresh and hardened concrete. Metakaolin which is derived from purified kaolin clay is added with ordinary Portland cement as partial replacement. The main objective of the present experimental investigation is to study the strength and behaviour concrete beams ,cubes and cylinders made by adding metakaolin, superplasticizer and other conventional materials. For achieving the above objective a total of 36 cubes of size 150mm x 150mm x 150mm , were casted and tested in the laboratory. The experimental work consists of compressive strength of cubes, The replacement level is 0,10,12,&15% of metakaolin and W/C ratio is constant for all the specimens. W/C ratio is 0.28. Grade of concrete used is M65. Super plasticizer Polycarboxylate ether is added. The test results obtained are presented and discussed in this work.

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