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Design and Analysis of Multi- Terrain Rover

Author : S. L. Shabareesh 1 Anush Dev 2 Aadeesh Jadishkumar 3 Akshay Raj 4 Supriya B. 5

Date of Publication :11th July 2023

Abstract: One of the less explored fields of engineering would be rovers for off-roading terrains for military, mining and various other applications. And when a rover is built keeping such a terrain into consideration the stability and the maneuverability of the rover and the material subjected to various physical and technical paraments are the key results to look up to. The shift of center of gravity is an evolution of newtons second law of motion. Designing a rover with power and torque standards pre-defined and incorporating the core mechanism into it plays hierarchal roles. Hence the project involves developing a mechanism around the same and helping them with maneuverability opening various realms of possibilities and applications.

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