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Experimental Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aramid Fiber and Basalt Stone Powder Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

Author : Md. Essamuddin Ahmed 1 Ch. SSDV Prasad 2 B. Sai Sree 3 B. Nitin Pal 4 J. Laxman 5 P. Prabhakara Rao. 6

Date of Publication :30th June 2023

Abstract: A wide range of property and performance criteria are needed for composite materials in this era since they are being employed more and more in various applications, including those in aerospace, automotive, electric, and military industries. Composite materials' low density, high specific strength, and stiffness make them ideal for structural applications. In this research paper, an effort has been made to fabricate a composite material using the stir casting technique and assess the fabricated composite's qualities. With different composition ratios of Aramid fibers and Basalt stone powder, pure Aluminum was used as a metal matrix. The microstructure and mechanical characteristics of the nine samples were analyzed.

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