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Soil Stabilization Using Copper slag and Cement as Additives- A Review

Author : Kashyap Warikoo 1 Dr. Hemant S. Chore 2

Date of Publication :31st July 2023

Abstract: Soil stabilization is essential for improving soil engineering qualities for building. This review covers copper slag and cement soil stabilization methods. Copper slag, a byproduct of copper production, has high specific gravity, angular shape, and weather durability, making it a possible soil stabilization material. However, cement's chemical reaction with water creates strong connections, making it a popular soil stabilization binder. The review begins with soil stabilization basics and additive selection variables. It then examines copper slag and cement as soil stabilizers. Copper slag and cement's impacts on stabilized soils' compaction, strength, permeability, and durability are examined. The paper also discusses laboratory and field investigations on copper slag and cement soil stabilizers. Copper slag and cement improve soil engineering qualities, including load-bearing capacity, settling, and erosion resistance. To successfully deploy copper slag and cement stabilization methods, proper dose, environmental considerations, and long-term performance must be addressed. Different soil types, environmental conditions, and stabilized soil durability need further study. The review concludes that copper slag and cement can stabilize soil. Geotechnical engineering and construction scholars and practitioners benefit from a thorough analysis of their characteristics and soil behavior.

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