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Analyzing Ballistic Trajectory Characteristics through MATLAB Simulation: A Computational Approach

Author : Er. Meemansa Mishra 1 2

Date of Publication :31st July 2023

Abstract: Unexpected air and marine attacks pose an increasing danger to security forces globally. For the sake of defensive systems readiness, it is essential to accurately anticipate trajectory elements for rockets and gun-type weapons, such as flight time and distance of impact. The evaluation and forecasting of ballistic trajectories by computational techniques have become possible because of recent developments in modeling technique, particularly MATLAB. Previous techniques required lengthy and costly field testing. The primary objective of the current paper is to use MATLAB to create a simulation framework that can precisely forecast the trajectory components of spin-stabilized flat-head mortar projectile and 130 mm rounds of artillery with explosives. Moreover, to calculate the motion of the projectile coefficients for an accurate trajectory estimate, the Runge-Kutta method is used in MATLAB. Furthermore, the MATLAB's plotting features are used to visualize the model of simulation and it is verified by data from experiments or analytical responses. In order to increase the consistency of predicted and experimental results, the investigation additionally examines the impact of taking Mach number into account while adjusting drag coefficient. The outcomes show the simulation's correctness and validate the mathematical framework and modeling methodology. This study emphasizes the significance of addressing shifting flow patterns by taking into consideration of the drag coefficient's non-constant character. The study emphasizes MATLAB's usefulness as a computational tool for studying ballistic trajectories and boosting defensive system readiness.

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