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Structural Health Monitoring of Bridge Using Wireless Sensors

Author : Supriya Mane 1 R.A. Chougule 2

Date of Publication :11th September 2023

Abstract: This paper studies the structural health monitoring, damage detection and localization of bridges using wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Continuous monitoring of bridges to detect damage is a very useful tool to avoid unnecessary and costly emergency maintenance. The goal of optimal design is to maximize system lifetime, senser data accuracy, system reliability, and minimize system cost and complexity. The deployment of a wireless sensor network on an existing highway bridge in Qatar was carried out to evaluate the preliminary results of the project model, quantify the response of the current bridge, and demonstrate the ability of the SHM system to perform successfully on the bridge. The proposed technology will eventually be applied to the new stadium that Qatar will build in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. This monitoring system permanently records the vibration levels reaching all the carriages during each event, helping to assess the true state of health of the stadium. This gives you a chance to spot potentially dangerous situations before they become serious. Finite element analysis (FEA) is performed using CSI Bridge software to determine sensor locations and measurement types, effectively minimizing the number of sensors, data to transmit, and amount of data to process.

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