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Parameter Optimization for Improving Digital Light Processing (DLP) Component Properties

Author : Archana Pancharya 1 Sangita Bansod 2 Ninad Mehendale 3

Date of Publication :11th September 2023

Abstract: Additive Manufacturing is used to print 3D complex objects which follows layer by layer method by reducing the waste when compared to conventional technologies. Digital light processing in which resin is used to print 3-Dimesional (3D) parts and it is an AM method, using projected light source to cure entire resin layer at one time. DLP projector used as a UV Source and DMD chip is present in the projector and serves as a mask generator. The light beam from DLP projector pass through the lens and projected on vat which is having liquid resin. The liquid resin layer solidifies due to photopolymerization and 3D parts are printed with good surface finish. This paper attempt to investigate the influence of process parameters which are layer thickness, curing time and part orientation on surface finish and dimensional accuracy of DLP structure. The study is conducted on Mii Craft 125 machine with ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) black resin. An attempt has made to study and optimize these process parameters through design of experiments using Taguchi method. ANOVA analysis is used to find the contribution of each process parameter. The finding results shows that layer thickness of 25 μm, 30 degree orientation with curing time of 4 sec have good dimensional accuracy on length (x) & width (y). It is observed that as the layer thickness decreases, surface finish and dimensional accuracy increases.

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