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Seismic Analysis of Piled Raft Foundation on Soft Soil

Author : Sanket Machindra Walunj 1 Dr. Prachi Sohoni 2

Date of Publication :11th September 2023

Abstract: A piled raft foundation emerging as most efficient and economical foundation. The piled raft foundation is raft foundation with supported with piles where load bearing capacity is taken into consideration while designing. In present study 3 different pile arrangements are analyzed for Seismic Analysis In the current study, G+21 Tall building is considered for seismic analysis. Response Spectrum Analysis is performed on the SAP2000 software. The study is performed by using the Raft Foundation and 3 different Piled Raft Foundation and the results are compared in terms of base moment, displacement and base shear. The Raft and Piled Raft Foundation is designed by using IS2950-2008 and IS 2911-2010 and seismic analysis is done by IS1893:2016. It shows that the Base Moment is reduced by 66% in the Piled Raft Foundation than Raft Foundation, Base shear is reduced by 65% in Piled Raft Foundation than Raft Foundation and deflection of the structure with Piled Raft Foundation decreases compared with Raft only Foundation.

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