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Seismic Analysis of Horizontal Irregular Building Using Conditional Mean Spectra

Author : Vaishnavi Vilas Khot 1 Mr. Atul Patane 2

Date of Publication :19th September 2023

Abstract: Conditional Mean Spectrum is new term discovery in recent years. When a target spectral acceleration value occurs within the time of interest, the CMS gives the anticipated (i.e., mean) response spectrum. This target response spectrum is said to be the most suited one to choose ground motions as input for dynamic analysis. To learn more about how a building responds to linear dynamic loads, a comparative study is first provided between three-story buildings with regular and asymmetrical plans. For each model, two identical models with the same height and plan area have been created. A ten-story structure with a plan irregularity was also modelled and examined in Sap 2000, in addition to these two buildings. Results of the investigation were compared using Base Shear and Maximum Story Drift as structural terms. The conditional mean spectrum's impact on a structure's seizure response is clearly displayed in a bar chart

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