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Advancing Technical Performance in Smart-Eco Buildings Aim to Energy Efficiency: A Comprehensive Analysis for Sustainable Building

Author : Najmeh Bitaab 1 Alireza Rahimi 2 Shima Talebian 3

Date of Publication :13th June 2023

Abstract: Contemporary societies are experiencing transformative changes across various industries, including construction. The surge in energy consumption, driven by factors such as population growth, industrialization, urban development, and the escalating demand for housing, has resulted in a worrisome increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Notably, the building sector accounts for a substantial portion of energy consumption, amounting to approximately 40% of total energy usage and corresponding CO2 emissions. The concept of sustainable architecture gained momentum in the late 20th century, catalyzed by the environmental movement and heightened awareness of the detrimental impact of human activities on the environment. Embracing environmental considerations and drawing inspiration from traditional architecture, sustainable design methodologies emerged, integrating indigenous design principles with modern technology in a harmonious manner. Another avenue toward achieving high-performance architecture lies in the integration of smart building systems. By concurrently emphasizing environmental factors and harnessing the potential of intelligent technologies, a new architectural paradigm termed "Smart-Eco building" emerges, encompassing sustainable architecture within the built environment. Smart-Eco buildings comprise diverse parameters, each containing its own subsections. This study specifically focuses on the parameter of "Technical performance," delving into its subcategories, such as facades, windows, shading systems, roofs, and others. This article examines the importance of window and shading optimization within the context of Smart-Eco buildings. By prioritizing the analysis of window ratios and shading systems, the authors aim to shed light on their role in enhancing technical performance to meet ASHRAE standards. Through an exploration of cutting-edge research and innovative approaches, this study seeks to contribute to the ongoing advancements in sustainable architecture and the creation of environmentally conscious built environments.

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