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I Am Part: Research Interest, Attitude and Self Efficacy of Basic Education Teachers in a Philippine University

Author : Marianne L. Cuarto 1 Anjo N. Clamor 2 John Robby O. Robiños 3

Date of Publication :30th September 2023

Abstract: Teachers are encouraged to engage in research writing because different schools aim to be research-oriented institutions. The present research aims to explore the research engagements of teachers through their research interests, attitudes, and self-efficacy. The sample size is seventy-nine (79) basic education teachers in a Philippine University in Bacoor, Cavite. Samples were calculated using a Raosoft calculator and selected using convenience sampling. The research questionnaire is from the R&DC-mandated research training needs assessment which is statistically validated (α=.973). Data were gathered using a google form and analyzed using percentage, mean, cumulative ranking, Mann Whitney, Kruskal Wallis, and Pearson r. The study revealed that the teachers are generally interested, generally confident, and with a positive attitude. The results show teachers' interests, attitudes, and self-efficacy toward research engagement are associated with one another. These three indicators: Instrumentality (research interest), Valence (research attitude), and Expectancy (self-efficacy), are all present and are positively manifested, as discussed in Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory of Motivation. The researchers recommend the basic education department to adopt the I AM PART program to intensify their research engagement. IAM PART means Igniting and Motivating Productivity Among "Research-oriented" Teachers. This program aims to increase the research engagement and productivity of the teachers through conducting various seminars - workshops. Based on the results, the researchers will also propose a recalibration of the current research programs and incentives to the school officials.

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