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Ball Transmission Analysis for ATV Application

Author : Piyush Deshmukh 1 Samruddhi Gherde 2 Digvijay Chavan 3

Date of Publication :18th October 2023

Abstract: A modified version of CVT (continuous variable transmission) is suggested for ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) application. It is a ball transmission system used in vehicles to transfer rotational power between input and output shafts. This transmission mechanism utilizes a series of spherical rollers to facilitate smooth and efficient power transfer. The project aims to create a comprehensive mathematical model that captures kinematics of ball transmission systems. Parameters such as ball radius & disk size, material properties, contact angles are considered for accurate predictions according to ATV’s operating conditions. For further validation, MSC ADAMS software is used to analyse the system's response. Performance parameters such as efficiency, torque capacity, and backlash are evaluated through simulation, enabling a detailed understanding of the system's behaviour under different operating modes such as neutral, underdrive and overdrive. Additionally, assembly analysis is performed to ensure proper integration and functioning of the system components. The extent and pattern of wear between components is studied by conducting a wear analysis study in ANSYS software. The study and results of this project contribute to optimizing system performance, enhancing reliability, and guiding design improvements in ball transmission systems for ATV’s application. However, research shows that study of lubrication and wear reduction would be essential to practically implement this system.

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