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Investigation of Robotic Deburring for Enhanced Surface Quality using Force/Torque Sensor

Author : Ankul Lohiya 1 Gagan Preet Kaur 2 Gaurav Srivastava 3 Dr. Manoj Kumar Yadav 4

Date of Publication :18th October 2023

Abstract: Robotics becomes very important in the industrial sector because it increases productivity and accuracy. The robotic deburring is one of major application used in manufacturing industries to remove burrs from casting of machined parts with accuracy and precisely. The deburring forces acting during the process, applied by the robot's end-effector are monitored and controlled in this work by the use of force/ torque sensors. The sensors gives real-time feedback that can be used to optimize the input parameters to prevent under- or over-deburring. The advantages of this strategy includes better surface quality, decreased tool wear, and increased process reliability. The results highlight how the force and torque sensing may advance robotic deburring. In the proposed study exceptionally high force values (Fx, Fy, Fz) and torque values (Tx, Ty, Tz) was observed with the rotational speed of 42000 rpm, feed rate 50 mm/s and with double cut tool geometry. The average roughness falls in the range of 2.2 µm to 3.7 µm which indicates that tool geometry, spindle speed and feed rate play critical roles to get the desired output.

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