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Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Indirect Extruder based 3D Printer

Author : Vipin Gupta 1 Jitendra Bhaskar 2

Date of Publication :31st July 2019

Abstract: Fused Deposition Modeling based 3D printers have become very popular in Additive manufacturing because of its low cost and simplicity. But the FDM process is a slow process as compare to the other 3D printing technologies because surface roughness creates a limitation to increase the speed of the 3D printer. In this paper, a FDM 3D printer was modified with indirect extruder. Surface roughness has been evaluated as performance parameter. An effort has been made to compare the surface roughness of printed sample using direct and indirect extruders. Role of printing parameters such as printing speed, nozzle temperature and layer size have studied for achieving a better surface finish. Taguchi L9 array for 3 variables has been used to study these parameters. Results by Taguchi method were validated by experiments and found that better surface finish is possible with indirect extruder in comparison to direct extruder based 3D printer.

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