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Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Incorporation of Recycled Tires for Construction Applications

Author : Jonnathan D. Santos 1 Edwin Carpio 2 Daniel Avilés 3 Valeria Curay 4

Date of Publication :28th October 2023

Abstract: The entire ground transportation system of the human being greatly raised with the industrial revolution in the past centuries. Actually, the construction of high ways, automotive and related complementary industries play an important role in our worldwide economy. This development exploited the use of natural sources, mainly, aggregates for all asphalt layer in civil construction networks, creating a relevant pollution. Consequently, the present communication presents a new proposal asphalt layer by incorporating waste of local pelletized pneumatic tires for the structural use in highways. The optimal proportion of asphalt was numerically and experimentally determined. Once this parameter was set, the pelletized pneumatic was added to the asphalt according to 0.5, 1, and 5 % wt. Each configuration was mechanically characterized by means of the in-plane compression test; a specific characteristic failure mechanism was observed for each configuration. The most attractive mechanical response was observed for 0.5 and 1 % wt. The last was considered as the optimal balance between ecological concern and structural performance. Hence, this configuration was numerically studied by using a commercial finite element software. A good agreement was obtained between the experimental and numerical results, validating the proposed numerical methodology.

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