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A New Stress Instability Workability Criterion for Internal Ductile Failure in Steel Cold Heading Process

Author : Amar Sabih 1 James Nemes 2

Date of Publication :28th October 2023

Abstract: The occurrence of internal ductile failure within the Adiabatic Shear Band (ASB) in cold-headed products presents a significant barrier in the fast-expanding cold-heading (CH) industry. The presence of internal ductile failure in cold-headed products may lead to catastrophic fracture under tensile loads despite the ductile nature of the material causing expensive industrial recalls. Therefore, this paper presents a new workability criterion that uses the ratio between the equivalent stress at instability and failure as an indicator to accurately reveal the locus of initiation of internal ductile failures. The concept of the instability criterion is to use the stress ratio at failure as a weighting function to indicate the initiation of ductile failure inside the ASBs. This paper presents a comprehensive experimental, metallurgical, and finite element simulation study to calculate the material constants used in this criterion.

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