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The Algerian Experience in Energy Efficiency of High-Performance Buildings in Semi-Arid Climate

Author : LIMAM Amel 1 DERRADJI Lotfi 2 BOUTTOUT Abdelouahab 3

Date of Publication :28th October 2023

Abstract: This work focuses on the experimental study of a standard dwelling and a high energy performance dwelling, located in the city of Djelfa in Algeria whose climate is semi-arid, in order to study their thermal performance for 12 months. The high energy performance dwelling was built as part of the pilot project of 600 dwellings in 11 locations spread all over the different climatic zones in Algeria and the first to be finalized compared to the other locations. According to the measurements, the temperature and the relative humidity were maintained in the thermal comfort range with the use of electricity for air-conditioning and the natural gas for heating. The results obtained from a comparison between a high-efficiency dwelling and a traditional dwelling indicate that the reduction of heating demand is about 57% and of air-conditioning is about 51% by using the passives energy efficiency techniques in the buildings. The obtained results are summarized in order to draw up recommendations on the possibility of making energy savings while optimizing occupant comfort. Thus, the study of the influence of natural ventilation and air infiltration on the energy loads of the insulated dwelling enabled us to realize that with an unsuitable scenario of opening windows during the winter season, we could end up spending the energy gains due to thermal insulation and having an over-consumption of gas during the winter period.

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