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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Reduction of Spring-Back of Sunroof Panel and Avoid Springback Compensation Operation

Author : Sushant Suresh Hirave 1 Dr. Sachin K. Patil 2

Date of Publication :20th November 2023

Abstract: Springback is the most known complex defect that faces all sheet metal stamping plants. In automotive sheet metal parts application, it is very critical to accurately predict and control the springback. Hence spring-back is a great challenge for today's press shops about the dimensional accuracy of cold-formed sheet metal parts. Springback in Sheetmetal parts are mainly dependent on the stress state introduced by the forming process and part geometry. This paper aims to determine the influence of the various parameters on springback and bring the springback value under control. In this case study, sheet metal forming simulation in Autoform for a large sunroof with two openings has been used. The product remains untouched while modifying various process parameters such as binder force, draw bead type, draw bead force, die radius, wall angle, etc. to control the springback. Different methodologies and concepts have been used to reduce the springback at the desired level. The process has been finalized in such a way that as the product gets mature, springback value will further reduce. This method can be utilized in all upcoming sunroof panels without or minimum product change.

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