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Analyzing the Effect of Various Piston Bowl Geometries on the Different Parameters of Engine

Author : Varahagiri V S J Bhaskar 1 Dr.Mohammad Israr 2 Dr.D.Maruthi Rao 3 Riyaj Y. Mujawar 4 Sudhakar P. Wankhade 5

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: The in-cylinder air motion in internal combustion engines is one of the most important factors for controlling the combustion process, combustion efficiency of CI engine and emissions. Especially NOx can be controlled by modifying turbulence, by designing new intake system, by designing specific combustion chamber. A good swirl yields fast combustion process which results to improve the efficiency. So in the current work a view about the influence of air swirl in the combustion chamber upon the performance and emission of a diesel engine is studied. The intensification of the swirl is studied on the crown of the piston by six different configurations namely AVL, Hasselman, Mexican Hat, Mitsubishi, Pan and Shallow Hasselman. CFD analysis is carried out on a diesel engine using different configuration pistons which is four stroke engine cylinder air cooled and constant speed. Performance parameters such as turbulent kinetic energy and turbulent intensity and turbulent dissipation are calculated. UGNX9.0 is used for design as well as Ansys IC Engine Solver 15.0 is used for analysis purpose

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