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Experimental Studies on Axially Loaded Fiber Reinforced Circular Column

Author : Bharathi.N 1 Vinod Kumar M 2 Muthu Kannan.M 3

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: This paper investigates the behavior of steel fiber reinforced circular column. Totally four columns of 700 mm height and 100 mm diameter were casted and tested up to failure under axial loading conditions. The test specimens were divided into two groups, which were named as Group “A” and Group “B” of Ordinary ties and helical ties reinforcement respectively, each group has two columns. In every group one column is chosen as control column and another one column is 1% of steel fiber added. In this paper to evaluate and compared to the test results in various parameters such as ultimate load carrying capacity, stiffness, deflection ductility, energy ductility, stress and strain behavior, etc.,

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