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Design and Development of an Injection Molded Prosthetic Polycentric Knee Joint for Amputee

Author : K R Yuwaraj 1 D Saravanan 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: The purpose of the work “Developing light weight, durable and user friendly artificial limbs through Nanotechnologybased modification of conventional materials and optimizing mechanical component design for enhancing their functional performance” is to develop the efficient and economical artificial limb. The above work mainly focused to use polymers in the field of leg prosthesis. The leg prosthesis mainly consists of the four components socket, knee joint, and shank and foot ankle system. The socket holds the whole leg prosthesis to the human residual limb. The knee joint acts as the intermediate between the socket and the shank which gives the sufficient rotation which supports for walking. The foot ankle system is like our foot which gives the stability in walking throughout the entire gait cycle.

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