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Ranking Strength And Threats Of Implementing Sustainble Supply Chain Management In Thermal Power Plants Of India By Vikor Analysis

Author : Suchismita Satapathy 1 Jitendra Narayan Biswak 2 Pravudata Mishra 3

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: Now a day the thermal power sector are more focused on sustainability issues, so thermal power industriesare trying their best to modify policies for implimenting sustainble suply chain management. Ssustainable supply chain management(SSCM) practices in Indian thermal power plants is fully dependent on few enablers(Strength) and barriers(threat). So in this paper analysis done to find the most potential and influential factors for SSCM implimentation in Indian thermal power plants. So the drivers and barriers of SSCM are ranked by Vikor analysis for Indian thermal power sector,such that it will provide a framed vision to stake holders and managers to take care of maximuminfluential barriers and drivers.

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