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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
OPTO - Mechanical Design of Imaging Infrared System

Author : Parsha Shiva 1 J.Anjaneyulu 2 Dr.S.Satyavathi 3

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: This paper presents the design of an electro optical imaging system. An electro optical imaging system in the infrared consists of IR transmitting lenses, focal plane array sensor, optional cryogenic cooling mechanism and stray light suppressing structures incorporated in a suitable OPTO mechanical housing. Such systems employed in the military are required to operate over a wide temperature range of -40 to +55Centigrade, imposing a severe penalty on the optical material selection. The effect of temperature on the stability of the image needs to be studied. In this paper an OPTO-mechanical housing unit is designed for an IR transmitting optics provided by the system designer. A suitable stray light suppressing mechanism is designed. The design is analyzed for temperature variations. The effect of material CTE on the image location vis-à-vis FPA plane is analyzed. Thermal analysis is performed and results are included. Materials displacement, stress and strain are plotted against the temperature over the operating range. Structural analysis is performed and strain levels are presented.

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