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Thermo Elastic Stress Analysis of Isotropic Thick Beam

Author : V. G. Pardeshi 1 G. R. Gandhe 2 D. H. Tupe 3

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: In this paper, thermal stress analysis of a thick isotropic beam is carried out using First order shear deformation Theory (FSDT). A First order shear deformation Theory (FSDT) taking into account transverse shear deformation effect, is presented for the bending analysis of thick isotropic beam subjected to non-uniform thermal load. A new shear deformation theory for the bending analysis of simply supported isotropic beams by using thermal load on it. The simply supported thick isotropic beams analyzed for the axial displacements, transverse displacements, axial bending stress and transverse shear stress. The most important feature of the theory is that, the transverse shear stresses can be obtained directly from the use of constitutive relations, satisfying the stress free boundary conditions at top and bottom surfaces of the beam. The present theory obviates the need of shear correction factor. Governing differential equations and boundary conditions of the theory are obtained using the principle of virtual work. The results obtained for bending analysis of isotropic beam subjected to non-uniform thermal load are compared with those obtained by other theories like Elementary Theory of Beam (ETB), to validate the accuracy of the presented theory

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