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Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factor for Pressure Loading In Cryogenic Tanks in Launch Vehicles

Author : Vimal Kumar R 1 L J Kirthan 2 Ramakrishna Hegde 3 Premanand S 4 Girish Kumar. R 5

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: Fracture is a failure mode due to unstable propagation of a crack due to applied stress. Fracture mechanics provides a methodology for prediction, prevention, and control of fracture in materials, components and structures subjected to static, dynamic, and sustained loads. Fracture mechanics analysis is the basis of damage tolerance design methodology. The objectives of fracture mechanics analysis are determination of (1) Stress intensity factor (K), (2) Energy release rate (G), (3) Path independent integral (J), (4) Crack tip opening displacement (CTOD), and prediction of (1) Mixed mode fracture, (2) Residual strength and (3) Crack growth life. In this paper, Stress Intensity Factor(K) is analysed for a rectangular block containing a surface crack of elliptical profile and subjected to uniform tensile pressure. The stress intensity factor is evaluated using numerical approaches like Displacement Extrapolation method, Extended Finite Element method and Finite Element method. The results obtained from all the above methods are compared with the experimental method available. Using this an efficient approach is identified and has been used for analysing the stress intensity factor of a cryogenic cylinder which is considered as a case study.

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