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Industrial Automation and Control of Mechanical Equipment Using Secured Wireless Communication

Author : Karthik P. J 1 V. K. Havanur 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: A rapid growth in the industries in the recent years has led industrial monitoring and control especially in the automation process to its extremes. Thus requiring an efficient way to monitor and control the industrial processes through wireless communication these days. Wireless communication is a cheap and easy way to provide network communication at places where there is no wired infrastructure. In addition, because the communicating entities can freely move, one can place the monitoring system wherever it is required without the cost incurred with cabling when adopting the wired communication approach. This project presents a drilling system as in device where it could be remotely controlled and moved to different locations sensing temperature, speed of drilling motor, etc, by means provided. This allows us to take control over real time operations.

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