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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Performance Study On Solar Receiver by Experimental and CFD Analysis through Concentrated Solar Energy System

Author : D.R.Rajendran 1 J. Balamurugan a 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: The novel design and experimentation on solar collector system which could utilize the direct solar radiations with two different specific heat capacity heat transfer fluids. This economical point focusing reflector and receiver model of dryer and steam generator may be implemented in industries when scaled up. The parabolic reflector with aperture area of 12m2 and multi cavity receiver filled with SiC ceramic beads are fabricated to concentrate and absorb the heat flux from the Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI).Water is circulated by a pump through copper coil around the receive as high specific heat capacity HTF, Whereas Air is the another working fluid of low specific heat capacity, which is sucked from the atmosphere through the drilled holes of the receiver by a induced draft fan. The heat transfer parameters of both working fluids were experimented for five days, while both fluids are flowing in same time and also while flowing separately with same period of time and almost for the same concentrated solar power. The experimental results on the efficiency of the receiver have no major variations, which reveal the possibilities of applications of air drier and steam generator with the same reflector and receiver areas by two different HTFs of varying specific heat capacities. The receiver thermal efficiencies are maintained in between 72.76% to 74.56% for both the heat transfer fluids with uniform heat flux distribution and heat transfer.

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