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Effect of B4C Particulate Reinforcement on Mechanical Behaviour of Al7010 Alloy

Author : Shashidar K Naik 1 S J Sanjay 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: In the present work, the study is done about composite material constituting of B4C particulate reinforced into Al7010 matrix with different weight fractions of 3wt%, 6wt%, which is fabricated using conventional melt stirring (stir casting) method. Characterization of the prepared composites is studied in detail using optical microscope. The uniform distribution of B4C particulates in matrix was clearly evident from microstructure studies. To study the Mechanical behavior the Brinell hardness test, tensile test and compression test were done for both Al7010 matrix material and its composite containing B4C reinforcement. Outcome reveals that, addition of hard B4C particulates into matrix increased its hardness, yield and ultimate strength.

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