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Static Structural Analysis of Automotive Crankshaft Using Digital Prototyping

Author : Prajakta P Pawar 1 Dr. Santosh D Dalvi 2 Santosh Rane 3

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: This paper presents the static structural analysis conducted on a Crankshaft using ANSYS software. Three different materials En8D, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel are used with the same loading conditions to perform this analysis. The review of existing literature and analysis is presented. Three dimensional model of crankshaft is creates in Inventor and then imported to the ANSYS Workbench software. The load is then applied to the FE model and boundary conditions were applied according to the engine conditions. Static structural analysis is executed on the crankshaft to obtain information about the stresses that are affecting the crankshaft. Finite element analysis method is used to determine stress, strain and deflection at most stressed point which results into failure.

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