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PV And Arduino Based Water Temperature Control System

Author : N.E Mabunda 1 M.K Joseph 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: This paper discusses how Arduino and Photo Voltaic (PV) can be used to manage geyser water temperature. National grid power is used to raise the water temperature level from its minimum value to a maximum temperature of 50 ºC as determined by the geyser thermostat. Once the water temperature is at 50 ºC the Arduino’s software will switch the power source to a solar, which will then raise the water temperature further to a maximum of 72.5 ºC as determined by the installed thermocouple. The solar source consists of an installed 50 W solar panel, charge controller, solar battery, Thermoelectric Generators (TG) and a 600 W modified sine wave DC to AC inverter

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