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Improving Flow Pattern in a Sudden Expansion Geometry Using Blowing and Suction

Author : K.Ashokachary 1 V.Ramesh 2 V.Rajarao 3

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: Reduction in recirculation zone size in suddenly expanded geometries is one of the major issues to deal with. After the flow encountering the sudden expansion geometry it gets many complex features like separation, recirculation, attachment and reverse flow. In the present study, flow over such geometries with blowing and suction scenario are studied for Lmax/Lmin = 5.The operating conditions for each model vary with water being blown at different levels of water and single and double injections as well. Flow patterns for all the models under consideration are captured. Variation in the position of separation point is observed, i.e. the separation point shifts towards downstream of the channel and attachment point shifts towards upstream direction, which is more desirable for sudden expanded geometries.By using blowing technique, recirculation zone reduces about 12 times. Strength of the vortex also changed with the configurations considered. Such findings with different height ratios and blowing techniques provide researchers with valuable guidelines for improving the design and operation of various fluidics used to study flow in channels

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