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CFD Analysis of a Turbulent Jet Flow

Author : C. Bhargavi 1 G. Ravindra Reddy 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: The Turbulent jets are stumble upon in industrial apparatus, combustion chambers and different types of mixers. The co-Axial turbulent jets can create a complex flow with an outer jet developing under asymmetric conditions by considering high jet velocities for both core and annular jets. The main objective is to increase the penetration length of the nozzle by modify or designing the outlet shape of the jet. The external and internal nozzle area ratio was varied as well as velocity issuing from the two nozzles. In all these cases the calculations of turbulence intensities, shear stresses distribution of the average velocities .The state of flow field and the state of approach to a self-preserving condition is analyzed. In order to improve the Thrust efficiency the Reynolds numbers based on various shapes of nozzles outlet such as Circle and square with and without annular was determined and studied by using CFD software

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