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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine by varying Pistons Fuelled with Pongamia Biodiesel and Zinc Oxide Nano Fluid as Additive

Author : Kasireddy Sravani 1 G.Ravindra Reddy 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: The main reason for the investigation of usage of alternate fuels in internal combustion engines was due to rapid increase in urbanization, usage of automobiles leads to the depletion of petroleum products, increase in emission of exhaust gases has increased. The emissions coming from engines cause severe harm to environment. So to overcome this problem government had lay down strict regulations to the engine manufacturers and consumers to follow emission norms. In this regard, alternate fuels came into existence after various investigations of many researchers. The various alternate fuels derived from plants and vegetables are such as pongamia, jatropha, soybean, mahua oil, rice bran oil, palm, neem etc. considered as potential alternatives for heavy vehicles. The direct usage of vegetable oil in diesel engine is restricted because of their high viscosity, poor atomization, incomplete combustion and carbon deposition on the fuel injectors. The viscosity of vegetable oil reduced by the process of transesterification by converting vegetable oil into methyl ester or ethyl ester known as biodiesel. The objective of this paper is comparision of performance and emissions of diesel engine with diesel and blending of biodiesel by using nano fluid as additive. In this study the comparison of performance and emission characteristics of internal combustion engine of different pistons with provision of different shapes of grooves on the piston crown. Experimental work has done on single cylinder diesel engine with blending of pongamia biodiesel with diesel and by using nano fluid at different proportions as additive which it is used for improving the engine performance.Further calculating the performance and emissions like CO, NOX, HC of single cylinder engine with pongamia biodiesel as a fuel by varying pistons and by varying nano fluid proportion

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