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Investigation for Emission and Thermal Analyses Loose Biomass Making Briquettes

Author : M. Vijay 1 D.Krishnaiah 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: The project is to develop the loose biomass waste to briquettes primarily to explore value of application avenues. The loose biomass waste composites to briquettes are developed in India on the basis of two strategy of preventing depletion of agricultural and forest wastages. Disposal of biomass wastes, produced in different agro-industrial activities, is normally an environmental problem. A key for such condition is the utilization of these residues for the production of energetic solid bio-fuel by increasing their proximate and ultimate properties of biomass. In this loose biomass raw material is Marigold(gillyflower), rose flower, lemon peels, orange peels, gigantean leaves, thorny leaves to briquettes based composites material with the addition of Synthetic adhesives binder have been developed substitutes for coal charcoal of briquettes & high density and comparison of wood. In this project the biomass wastages were fabricated by combining materials of moulding box in copped from hand lay method. A synthetic adhesive (INDOCOL-DLD) was used as the matrix material. The mechanical and thermal properties of these samples were investigated according to IS and ASTM standards. From the result it was observed that the comparison of biomass briquettes and wood with high calorific value and density and also very less carbon and sulphur emission. The biomass briquettes are equal amount of density and durability has been observed. Briquettes have much lower ash content.

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