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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Study of Wear Resistance and Mechanical Properties for the Titanium Nitride

Author : M.Yugandhar 1 Dr. B. Prabhakar Kammar 2 D Raju 3 N. Satheesh Kumar 4

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: Three body abrasion in the present study, TiN–NiMo composites were re milled to particle size of 250–315 ?m and used as reinforcements for Ni ,Cr ,B ,Si alloy by plasma transferred arc hard facing process. The manufactured hard facing alloy was characterized in terms of microstructure, mechanical properties and abrasive wear resistance. Deposition results indicate good quality thick coating with uniform distribution of hard cermet (TiN–NiMo) particles in the matrix, minimum level of hard particle dissolution and low porosity of the hard facing. Cermets particles remain in initial form and consist of agglomerates (TiN and (Ti,Mo)C grains) embedded into Ni-based matrix. The mechanical properties of the TiN and (Ti,Mo)C phases measured by Nano indentation are very similar exhibiting a narrow distribution. The nano-scratching test reveals excellent bonding between the matrix and cermets in the hard facing. No crack propagation was found in the interface matrix/hard phase region. The abrasive wear results ensure the promising features of TiN–NiMo reinforcements for Ni-based alloys. Produced coatings showed excellent performance under high-stress abrasion with wear values lower than for industrially used WC/W2C reinforced coatings

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