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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Thermal Analyses of Radiator with Different Nano Fluids

Author : V.Niveditha 1 Dr. S. Sunil Kumar Reddy 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2016

Abstract: The advancement in automobile technology is increasing day to day. The efficiency of the engine depends on heat transfer rate of radiator in automobile and further it relays on flow capacity of fluids and material used in manufacturing of radiator. Mostly water is used as cooling fluid in automobile. The researchers were concentrated on different materials and found that copper and aluminium materials shows a higher heat transfer rate compare to other materials. The flow capacity and heat absorption of the fluid can be improved with the addition of Nano additives in radiator. In the current work the performance of the radiator is analysed with different Nano fluids using Pro-E and Ansys. Hence the present work is planned accordingly. Different Nano fluids i.e Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Oxide, Ethylene Glycol and Copper Oxide for volume fraction0.3, are mixed with base fluid water are analysed for their performance in the radiator. Modelling of the radiator is done in Pro/E. The fluid flow characteristics are found using CFD analysis and with the same thermal analysis is done in Ansys for two materials Aluminium and Copper. Finally, it is concluded that the heat transfer co efficient is more for copper oxide at 0.3 volume fraction from CFD analysis. Thermal analysis is done for two materials Aluminum and Copper taking heat transfer coefficient value of copper oxide at 0.2 volume fraction from CFD analysis. By observing thermal analysis results, heat flux is more in Copper compared to Aluminum.

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