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Experimental Investigation on Rhombus Grooved piston with Jatropha Biodiesel and Al2O3 Nano Fluid

Author : P. Jaya Prakash 1 Dr. S. Sunil Kumar Reddy 2 P.Kesavulu 3 A. Suresh 4

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: The CI engines fuelled with diesel plays a very vital role in Industrialization and transportation sectors. However, the depletion of petroleum products isincreasing day to day. Due to high emissions from the petroleum products there is a strict regulations lay down by the government to the engine manufactures to save the environment from the pollution.Hence the researchers are in the processes of identifying a suitable alternate fuel i.e.biofuelssuch as Jatropha oil, Pongamia oil, Rice bane oil, Corn oil, Neem oil etc. Among all jatropha is considered to be the best replacement because these plants can grow in any environmental conditions and the properties are also nearer to diesel. With minor changes in the diesel engine, Jatropha biodiesel can be directly replaced with diesel. But one of the major drawbacks of Jatropha biodiesel are its flow characteristics and the viscosity of the fuel. In the present work to overcome this, nano additive (Aluminum oxide) is added to the biodiesel which enhances the properties of the fuel. The performance and emissions of diesel engine is experimentally investigatedwith biodiesel 20% by volume (B20) by using the nano additive 50 ppm, 100 ppm and 150 ppm. The performance of the engine depends on the formation of homogeneous mixture and turbulence inside the combustion chamber. Hence in the current work six number of Rhombus grooves are created on the piston crown to enhance turbulence in the chamber and results in the enhance of performance and reduction of the engine emissions. Among all blends the B20 biodiesel with 100 ppm nano additive showed better performance compare to diesel

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