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Developing Controller and Optimizing Parameters for Improving Tensile Strength and Heat Affected Zone of Spot Welded Joint using Grey Based Taguchi Method

Author : Ramkrishna parihar 1 Sanjay Jathar 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: In the first part of the present work, a controller was developed and mounted on a pedal operated spot welding machine to control weld time, hold time and squeeze time. Later, the machine was used to optimize the welding parameters to improve the Tensile Shear Strength (TSS) & reduce Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) of spot welded joint between dissimilar metallic sheets of stainless steel and mild steel each of thickness 1 mm. The four input parameters weld time; hold time, weld current & electrode force were selected. Grey based Taguchi method was applied with L27 orthogonal array & MIITAB 17 software was used to perform Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).Weld time was found to be the most significant parameter. The Grey Relational Grades obtained from the confirmation experiment was found quite close to that calculated for optimal combination (A1 , B2, C3, D2).

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