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A Study on Need of Inclusive Development and Environment Sustainability in India

Author : Chintan Vora 1 Reshma Raskar-Phule 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: With 1.2 billion people living and expected to increase by another 300 million in coming decades, India is definitely going to face lofty demands of resources to satisfy the needs of its people. Having realized that the existing non-renewable resources are not sufficient for the current as well as the future needs, it is very important for India to avail its immense treasure of renewable resources by adopting sustainability. Procuring sustainability is a hard row to hoe. This paper mainly focusses on the situation of India and the challenges it is facing in utilizing the available natural and non-renewable resources in an efficient way to reduce the stress on these resource utilization, keeping in mind the needs of the future generation. Various aspects such as water risk management, adoption of renewable energy, waste management have been discussed in this paper. Finally an attempt is made in this paper to drive the attention of the aspiring and growing companies towards sustainable development. In this context, this paper presents some examples of successful corporate of India who are triumphant in employing sustainable development industries by giving problem-based-solution and explains the methodologies adopted by them to contribute towards the 175GW of energy goal of India

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