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Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Drought Pattern using Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Approach – A Case Study of Rajasthan, India

Author : Ashutosh Sharma 1 Manish Kumar Goyal 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: Drought is one of the most deadly natural phenomenons, which causes huge monetary losses around the globe. Changing climate and global warming is further anticipated to aggravate the drought scenarios. Assessment of climate change impacts on drought patterns plays important role in preparation of drought policies. Monthly rainfall data (from 1901 to 2000) is converted into standardized precipitation index (SPI) to quantify the drought intensity. Fuzzy c-mean (FCM) clustering approach is used to identify the homogeneous drought regions. Two cluster validity indices are used to validate the FCM parameters and obtain the optimal number of clusters. Finally, the whole data series is divided into four series to assess the impact of changing the climate on drought pattern. Drought pattern has shown a significant impact of climate change.

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