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Influence of Combine Vertical Irregularities in the Response of Earthquake Resistance RC Structure

Author : Rupesh R. Pawade 1 Prof.M.N.Mangulkar 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of frame set-back with vertical irregularity in height on accuracy of Pushover Analysis for predicting target displacement, story drifts, base shear and performance point. The behavior of high rise building during strong earthquake motion depends on the distribution of mass, stiffness and strength in both horizontal and vertical planes of the buildings. The Indian IS code 1893:2002(Part 1) has pointed out of different structures irregularities like plan irregularity and vertical irregularity. In this study the seismic performance of G+ 16 storey having combine effect of vertical irregularity with R.C building are examined using Non Linear Static Analysis (Pushover Analysis). The Base shear, lateral displacement, storey drift and performance points are the response parameters use to quantify the performance of the structure. These irregularities are responsible for structural collapse of buildings under the action of dynamic loads. Five different types of building geometry are taken one regular and four irregular frames. The all buildings are modeled and analyzed in software SAP 2000. It was found that irregularity in elevation of the building reduce the performance level of structure.

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